Who is Jam?

Hey everyone!

Thought I’d do a little page about me, rather than a blog post so you don’t have to scroll to find out about me.

That up there, you’ve guessed it, is me. You don’t understand how hard it was for me to find a photo without the dog Snapchat filter on. If you know, you know. But hey,
I did it. I am 19 years old and I live in Liverpool. The reason why I used Jam instead of my proper name (Jamie) is because almost everyone I know calls me Jam. When I was younger, i used to get called Jammy Dodger and I absolutely hated it. And then one day, my friend Sophie called me Jam and it just stuck. It’s now at the point where I find it weird if I hear anyone call me my full name.

I’m actually unemployed and I’m not in education. After finishing my 2 years of college, I just could not be bothered with university and knew that I was ready to go into full time work. But life happened, and I got ill which meant I had to quit my job and I haven’t beenIMG_3851 able to work since. I live with my boyfriend and his family, and I am basically their live in chef. I honestly would not have it any other way though, I love looking after them all, and they love being my guinea pigs when it comes to new recipes. So obviously I have a boyfriend, Luke, who I have been with for 2 years. He is 18 (i know, as my dad says “i have a toyboy”). He’s super supportive, and helps me a lot with my illness, and is just the best person. He really is my other half.

The reason I decided that I would create this blog is because, well, I have nothing else to do with my time. I L O V E cooking and trying new things which keeps me busy and IMG_3722some of the stuff is quite good if  I do say so myself. So many people tell me “oh you should be a chef, why aren’t you?”. I would have loved to go into catering as my job, but because i don’t have the qualifications it means I’d have to go back to college, and that is currently a big NO GO. This way, I can share with all you guys my little experiments, tell you the pros and cons, and I’m not at risk of giving people food poisoning (I’ll try anyway).

That’s all really, I’ve always struggled when it comes to things like this, I never know what to right. If anyone has any questions, just give me a message and I’ll do a post answering them all.

Make sure you check out all my posts, thanks guys!

Jamie xxx